Social Media Mania

There is a statistic out that we look at our smartphones once every 12 minutes.  Surely this is wrong?  The amount of people walking down the street paying more attention to their phones than the traffic; since with loved ones in restaurants making eyes at their phones and not their significant others!

Anyway, point being we are connected and people are in love with their mobiles.  We can rate anything and everything; we can opine on all aspects of our life and service interaction.  It therefore seems odd that parts of the renting sector are scared of social media and allowing the renters a voice or access to share.

I have always found that openness and transparency in dealings pays dividends in communication and management.  It is impossible to stop people complaining or criticising; especially with ease of access on twitter and facebook, to name but two.  So why not open the channels and engage widely and with confidence?


If you are providing a good service for a fair price then the outliers who are not happy will not be the norm.  An agent provocateur will seek to garner support without you and generally if someone has a gripe you should be on to it and managing the situation.  Only by engagement and openness will you build a strong and stable community for the best of the multifamily community.

With a strong team and good service you can embrace the World of social media and use it to the best of your advantage.


Roger Southam, Multifamily Innovator & Advisor

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