Homeowners more likely to be in arrears than landlords

Homeowners in the UK are more than twice as likely to be in arrears with mortgage payments than buy-to-let landlords, new figures reveal.

And the study claims that Welsh landlords are almost ten times more likely to be behind with payments than those in the East Midlands.

The report by Computershare Loan Services, which is a third-party servicer of mortgages, discovered that 0.6% of buy-to-let mortgages were currently in arrears, compared to 1.37% of residential loans.


Meanwhile, 1.41% of Welsh buy-to-let mortgages have outstanding payments compared to 0.15% in the East Midlands.

Andrew Jones, Computershare Loan Services chief executive, said: “When mortgages fall into arrears, problems can arise for borrowers, lenders and tenants, so loans must be administered in a way that takes into consideration the individual circumstances of every customer.
“Computershare Loan Services continues to lead the way in preventing and reducing arrears by using advanced analytical systems to predict problems and facilitating support for those who need it.”

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